Traditions and Doubts

I sometimes think that many of the traditions we have in different cultures are non-sense. They sometimes don't provide us the logical reasoning behind these actions. In my opinion, they sometimes force us to stay down on our knees and let the cycles continue. All throughout history, we have abolished some actions, and created new... Continue Reading →


Why I Travel

I have never felt so alive in my entire life had I not begin to travel by myself or a few people. Travelling is not really an excuse to escape the normal life. It is in travelling that I completely immerse myself to new places and be able to construct a better reflection of myself... Continue Reading →

Dreaming yet not Listening

Human progress has been a misconstrued project developed by our supposed perfect ideologies. We have always tried to simplify our lives in many ways. They range from the solving the smallest problems to managing gigantic feats. Our human curiosity has enabled us to expand our horizons from the nanoscopic to the largest scale we can... Continue Reading →

It's hard to be high. A deep sigh with a mixed set of emotions filled my chest as I inhaled my last puff of smoke. Seconds later, I crushed my cigarette and looked at the pack where it's from. Vogue. A fancy name. Hard to believe that it sounds as posh as that magazine cover women... Continue Reading →

Getting Personal

Going personal does not mean that we have to be extra-sensitive to other people's actions, and thoughts. It's the way one listens to another being, and how to articulate the problems he or she may or may not fully express. We've been indoctrinated to a world that classifies anything fragment per fragment but in the... Continue Reading →

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