Failure of Science: Circle’s worth of Blame

So they say that the world is ending and that we are to blame. Majority of the scientists have been telling the world of the perils in climate change yet we often turn a blind eye on the data we've been given. Who do you think should we point fingers at? Perhaps you as a... Continue Reading →


Starting Fresh

For over a year, I went on a hiatus for two reasons - finishing my Ph.D. thesis, and facing my demons. Some of us know that doing a doctorate is the real deal. It feels as though you're a monk who deserved to be whipped several times because penitence will ever be granted according to... Continue Reading →

Finding strength from my passion

It has been three days since I got eliminated from the semi-final round of Famelab Torino. It was a good fight even if it was something that I was still unfamiliar with. Communicating science sounds easy from a bird's eye-view but it isn't. Before walking up that stage, I was a bit anxious on how to prepare my... Continue Reading →

Doing Science is Not a Rat Race

Science as biased as I may sound, is not something to be put aside. Not especially when it is a key point to innovation. Majority of the present generation praise the magic of capitalism and entrepreneurship. While journalists report on the Euro crisis and the different political and economic wars going around the globe, here... Continue Reading →

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