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Traditions and Doubts

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I sometimes think that many of the traditions we have in different cultures are non-sense. They sometimes don’t provide us the logical reasoning behind these actions. In my opinion, they sometimes force us to stay down on our knees and let the cycles continue.

All throughout history, we have abolished some actions, and created new ones. But there will always be some actions deemed traditional and senseless. One of them is paying respect. We pay respect to the elders. Sure. What if they don’t respect our opinion too as we grow older? Now that’s another story.

Another example is treating the first boys in the families as princes (in the Chinese heritage). It was thought in the past that men will be the leading society as they have the guts and courage to fight for everyone. As long as mothers pay too much attention to them, they get used to this attention that they cannot become man nor fathers themselves.

These examples have been too close to my heart as I am part of a long standing tradition of the Filipino-Chinese heritage. Yet I still fight hard to understand why people still tend to go through these cycles. Is it because they choose to keep it simple, or have they lost that feeling of doubt in everything they do?

Doubting after all is what makes us reflect more, thus making us more human in one way.


Why I Travel

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I took this photo while walking along the boulevard in Nice. It just captures the little beauties in life that one fails to appreciate...

I took this photo while walking along the boulevard in Nice. It just captures the little beauties in life that one fails to appreciate…

I have never felt so alive in my entire life had I not begin to travel by myself or a few people. Travelling is not really an excuse to escape the normal life. It is in travelling that I completely immerse myself to new places and be able to construct a better reflection of myself and the world. It is where my point of view on everything begins to mold itself as how a clay is being shaped to a pot or a sculpture.

It is in travelling that I realize that I cannot live in a constrained world where I have to merely obey people. In my opinion, obeying is not an entirely bad thing as long as you are conscious on what you are obeying. I adore my elders. I really do. It just sickens me that we have this world where some traditions seem to withhold ourselves from thinking, understanding, and embracing what it means to be human. They have set limits as we continue to set other forms of limitations in the present times. That includes how people perceive on developing technology and on how people manage conflicts.

So you see, travelling is where I feel more alive in the sense that I am able to sense things and appreciate the grandeur of what the world brings. It is in that moment that I feel that I have become a better human being as I see the different phases of humanity in different parts of the world. Despite these, many still succumb to the tedious life that they believe will bring them happiness. Then again, only they can survive better than the likes of me because they have jobs that can support their needs. So who am I to say that they are wrong when previous civilizations point out to us that we have to be more evolved in terms of strategy and foresight to survive? Saying this, do you think humanity is worth it when we only do things to survive, instead of finding ways to live?

It is sad to see at this point that what the world needs now are people who bring light to others yet are unappreciated.

I hope this simple image brings out some beauty in life as it is one of those moments that people tend to divert themselves from…