Black and White

As one passes by an exhibit or comes across a gallery of pictures that were done in black and white, they see contrast and behind each layer of contrast, there’s a hidden depth to them. They are deceivingly simple for the shortly perceived viewers yet they are equally captivating for some who can see the beauty or truth beneath them. Being said, these photographs seem to beg you to see through them and test your perception.

Well, Philippines, my country, you’ve done it again as you’d always do everywhere. You’d capture my attention in all the possible scenarios you’d present yourself to the world and with all your hidden facets of beauty and ugliness hidden from humanity unless one dares to explore them. It has been one of the touristic bunch of countries yet you trouble me with the optimistic dream when some people may they be leaders or followers or lone wolves, stagnate your development.

To me, you are a black and white photograph, and not this colorful thought that is being painted in commercials. You have deceivingly implanted into the minds of the people be it our own or others’ that you are a paradise, a magnificent wonder, when all the while, you have strings attached, that will either make you fall, or be succumbed to the limited development that are both controlled by some people. You are a country that has bent itself to power, as I’d imagine “Ibong Adarna” being locked up in a cage. It is as if the people are proud of having you yet won’t let you grow to what is beyond their expectations. You are the adoration of many yet it only ends there…

Just as an adoration of a great distant past.


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