Conception of a Random Thought not worth Organizing

This is an attempt. 

To be my restless self as my craving for intellectual orgasm has reached its highlight.

Scribbling random words weren’t my thing, and so was “thumbling”around anything I could get hold off. 

It’s crazy. I know.

I get bored.



Pretty fast.


Displaying any type of rudeness through thoughtless ways of expressing myself has become saturated.


No one will get it.


I hope this random entry will not end my pursuit to criticize, as I have always done in my everyday life. Then again, there will be points in my life that I just stop and stare. 


We stare, consciously or unconsciously, for better or for worse. It’s sad and depressing at one’s stand point but it’s worth doing it. The brain can’t function 24/7. It’s bloody brilliant to have some minutes and let the brain reshuffle itself and tinker, to re-organize and display any fruitful or pathetic results of our human’s said rationality.




Now to find some crazy idea worth writing. At the very least, it’s what makes people think, to be crazy as to fighting against the norms set by society.


Cheers to randomness and worthless babbles.


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