People ask, “How is the Philippines like?” or, “How are Filipinos like?”

I can tell a lot of things about the Philippines that my mixed feelings will foretell my bittersweet relationship with my home country. The Philippines is an archipelago and was once a paradise that became a melting point of cultures different from other Asian countries you’d come across. It’s been influenced dominantly by two opposite ends of the world, by the Western and by the Eastern. As simple as I put it, it’s diverse, complex, yet it finds its way to appease the hearts of many visitors from around the globe.

Just like the country, we too are diverse, and complex. We are typically a mixed bunch of people that are easy to approach at first yet be required to treat gently as not to break the porcelain souls that we usually have with regards to establishing well-tied relationships. We’re open to everyone yet we’re close minded as many people across the world are. Our complex behavior does not end there though these are the much highlighted points I can think of at this very moment.

So again, diverse and complex — these are the two words that best describe both the Philippines and us, Filipinos. As much as we’re proud of our country and of who we are, we try to hide beneath our cloaks when we talk about development. It’s the most said topic as of the moment as changes and revelations have slowly been implemented and exposed. It’s just funny that people only begin to show interest on writing articles with regards to such reality (such as the existential crisis of Metro Manila as it is). As much as we despise these faults, we need to accept them and do something about them. The world’s imperfect, and so are the people. As much as we all try to pretend that the world’s a better place now as compared to before, there are still some defects. There will always be. Despite all this, I know that by virtue of our moral values and ethics (or anything that’s left of us) can push us to strive for the better. Improvisation never stops, nor should the perseverance and hope for developing a world that’s not caught in a war with itself may it be at a microscopic (i.e. between people, towns, and countries) scale, or a macroscopic (i.e. beliefs, rules, society) scale.

Philippines is beaten up. It’s imperfect. Accept it (not only with a weak bitter heart but with a stronger one).

So let’s move our asses then, shall we?


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