Being an Individual: to Think, to Choose, to Act, and to Accept

I have been told many things when I was still a kid but the main objective was to obey.

We’ve been taught so many things inside and outside the classroom. The adults supervised us hoping that we absorb all what they think we’d ought to know after some number of years. Then there’s this awful fact that some or many just retaliate at a certain point of their lives. These bunch of people might have ended up having to think. To think, not only for what they were taught to believe, but to actually think for themselves. But how can one possible distinguish his or her own set of thoughts as rightfully his or hers? There’s no special name tag. We can’t label our thoughts. Ideas put into products can be patented, while creative works can be copyrighted. Yet, as much as we want to own everything we say, write, or do, we can’t own thoughts as how we subject authority to pets, houses, and such.

I may need someone to reiterate to me what Heidegger has to say about thinking, but tell you this from the bottom of my two lobes — we exist as humans because we think. Furthermore, I hope that we think not only for ourselves but for others. Our stream of consciousness as it is subject to the moral values and ethics may let us think over our actions. As for our unconsciousness? Well, that’s another story. With thinking, we decide. We choose to either accept the laws established by society (whether it be written or not), or throw them to the rubbish.

For better or for worse, may we be enlightened by reality and its branded moral values and ethics to think and to act as humans. Some may be identified or labelled by society as crazy or abnormal due based on norms and how consciousness should be normally perceived. Yet, people can be crazy without the need to take some pills, or to consult medical help. We are crazy because we surpassed the level of stagnancy where we ought to do what society tells us to do. Being crazy in our own little ways makes us infinite.

We are humans. We think yet we choose to act in a certain way. That is what makes us individuals, and that is what we all need to accept when we meet some random person in the street.

Being crazy matters, and so does giving respect to the person who pushes forth to do so.


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