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“Respecter une …

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“Respecter une femme, c’est pouvoir envisager l’amitié avec elle ; ce qui n’exclut pas le jeu de la séduction, et même, dans certains cas, le désir et l’amour.”

― Tahar Ben Jelloun

Forgive me if it’s in French but I want to keep it that way.


Cities of cardboard: TEDActive artist Kiel Johnson featured on the Huffington Post

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what if …

TED Blog


Artist Kiel Johnson, who led the amazing workshop “Everyone’s An Architect” last year at TEDActive, was featured today on both the Huffington Post and Sinbadesign for his intricate cardboard city creations, which TEDActive attendees helped build in Palm Springs last spring.

Since then, Kiel’s been involved in a couple of TEDx events around the world, including TEDxAlAin in Abu Dhabi. He will speak again on September 1st at TEDxEQChCh in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Also, check out this very cool time-lapse video of the cardboard cities rising, shot by Theo Jemison at TEDActive 2012.

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Coffee and cigarettes

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It’s hard to be high. A deep sigh with a mixed set of emotions filled my chest as I inhaled my last puff of smoke. Seconds later, I crushed my cigarette and looked at the pack where it’s from.

Vogue. A fancy name. Hard to believe that it sounds as posh as that magazine cover women usually purchase on their way to work. Then again, it’s the word that best expresses society today where the prim and the proper rush out to get the latest accessories and trends available in the market.  People nowadays die to grab anything that makes them suit themselves in the eyes of the ever evolving society. It disgusts me till my very guts and last breath I took from that stick that I had purchased a week ago.

What a hypocrite. I should be a disappoint to myself at this very moment. Then again, my consciousness is begging me to reconsider and deal with the realism people believe to be life, as norms set in are invincibly made for everyone abide to.

This whole thing that I just did used to be my daily routine when I first attempted to grasp what’s said to be the very core of Italian culture — by first drinking some Italian made coffee without any form of doubt, then smoking some cigarette one fancied.  You’ve always got to trust Italian brewed coffee they said. And so I did.  As for the cigarettes, it’s all in the mind. One gets to decide to stick to it, or not as chewing gums decide to fall off from the wall or tables by itself or not.

Sooner or later, I unconsciously do all of that just for the heck of it. I became numb as how normal people seem to have become. I guess there’s this switch in our brains that turns us to zombies ready for productivity as economists and politicians call it.  We can always choose to question everything, most especially what it means to be human. But by permitting ourselves to be mainstream and validate the norms of today, do we actually stop and re-evaluate every deed we’ve done be it for ourselves or for others?

Then again I asked myself, how hard was it to get high after all this commotion? I guess that I was too numb to ever feel it to begin with.

Conception of a Random Thought not worth Organizing

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This is an attempt. 

To be my restless self as my craving for intellectual orgasm has reached its highlight.

Scribbling random words weren’t my thing, and so was “thumbling”around anything I could get hold off. 

It’s crazy. I know.

I get bored.



Pretty fast.


Displaying any type of rudeness through thoughtless ways of expressing myself has become saturated.


No one will get it.


I hope this random entry will not end my pursuit to criticize, as I have always done in my everyday life. Then again, there will be points in my life that I just stop and stare. 


We stare, consciously or unconsciously, for better or for worse. It’s sad and depressing at one’s stand point but it’s worth doing it. The brain can’t function 24/7. It’s bloody brilliant to have some minutes and let the brain reshuffle itself and tinker, to re-organize and display any fruitful or pathetic results of our human’s said rationality.




Now to find some crazy idea worth writing. At the very least, it’s what makes people think, to be crazy as to fighting against the norms set by society.


Cheers to randomness and worthless babbles.

Being an Individual: to Think, to Choose, to Act, and to Accept

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I have been told many things when I was still a kid but the main objective was to obey.

We’ve been taught so many things inside and outside the classroom. The adults supervised us hoping that we absorb all what they think we’d ought to know after some number of years. Then there’s this awful fact that some or many just retaliate at a certain point of their lives. These bunch of people might have ended up having to think. To think, not only for what they were taught to believe, but to actually think for themselves. But how can one possible distinguish his or her own set of thoughts as rightfully his or hers? There’s no special name tag. We can’t label our thoughts. Ideas put into products can be patented, while creative works can be copyrighted. Yet, as much as we want to own everything we say, write, or do, we can’t own thoughts as how we subject authority to pets, houses, and such.

I may need someone to reiterate to me what Heidegger has to say about thinking, but tell you this from the bottom of my two lobes — we exist as humans because we think. Furthermore, I hope that we think not only for ourselves but for others. Our stream of consciousness as it is subject to the moral values and ethics may let us think over our actions. As for our unconsciousness? Well, that’s another story. With thinking, we decide. We choose to either accept the laws established by society (whether it be written or not), or throw them to the rubbish.

For better or for worse, may we be enlightened by reality and its branded moral values and ethics to think and to act as humans. Some may be identified or labelled by society as crazy or abnormal due based on norms and how consciousness should be normally perceived. Yet, people can be crazy without the need to take some pills, or to consult medical help. We are crazy because we surpassed the level of stagnancy where we ought to do what society tells us to do. Being crazy in our own little ways makes us infinite.

We are humans. We think yet we choose to act in a certain way. That is what makes us individuals, and that is what we all need to accept when we meet some random person in the street.

Being crazy matters, and so does giving respect to the person who pushes forth to do so.

The Philippines? Oh snap!

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People ask, “How is the Philippines like?” or, “How are Filipinos like?”

I can tell a lot of things about the Philippines that my mixed feelings will foretell my bittersweet relationship with my home country. The Philippines is an archipelago and was once a paradise that became a melting point of cultures different from other Asian countries you’d come across. It’s been influenced dominantly by two opposite ends of the world, by the Western and by the Eastern. As simple as I put it, it’s diverse, complex, yet it finds its way to appease the hearts of many visitors from around the globe.

Just like the country, we too are diverse, and complex. We are typically a mixed bunch of people that are easy to approach at first yet be required to treat gently as not to break the porcelain souls that we usually have with regards to establishing well-tied relationships. We’re open to everyone yet we’re close minded as many people across the world are. Our complex behavior does not end there though these are the much highlighted points I can think of at this very moment.

So again, diverse and complex — these are the two words that best describe both the Philippines and us, Filipinos. As much as we’re proud of our country and of who we are, we try to hide beneath our cloaks when we talk about development. It’s the most said topic as of the moment as changes and revelations have slowly been implemented and exposed. It’s just funny that people only begin to show interest on writing articles with regards to such reality (such as the existential crisis of Metro Manila as it is). As much as we despise these faults, we need to accept them and do something about them. The world’s imperfect, and so are the people. As much as we all try to pretend that the world’s a better place now as compared to before, there are still some defects. There will always be. Despite all this, I know that by virtue of our moral values and ethics (or anything that’s left of us) can push us to strive for the better. Improvisation never stops, nor should the perseverance and hope for developing a world that’s not caught in a war with itself may it be at a microscopic (i.e. between people, towns, and countries) scale, or a macroscopic (i.e. beliefs, rules, society) scale.

Philippines is beaten up. It’s imperfect. Accept it (not only with a weak bitter heart but with a stronger one).

So let’s move our asses then, shall we?