Getting Personal

Going personal does not mean that we have to be extra-sensitive to other people’s actions, and thoughts. It’s the way one listens to another being, and how to articulate the problems he or she may or may not fully express. We’ve been indoctrinated to a world that classifies anything fragment per fragment but in the long run, this won’t be self-sustainable nor containable. We’re first beings, rather than being subjected to power or the panopticon, as Foucault would try to remind us once in a while.

We cease to exist when we do not act as human ourselves.

  • If one’s own priorities only include materialization, where’s the sense of being?
  • If one does not listen to the other party or being, would there even be communication?
  • If happiness of oneself is done at a concrete point of view, what is the point of living up to everything?

At the moment, we are still moving further even at the slightest chance possible, to develop the world — though is the word, “development” a  be-fitting word that we rightfully use today? We live in a world where everyone has his or her own crisis to deal with be it concerning any of their basic needs including health, or be their social needs. Public policy has taught us several lessons over the past history, granted that they indeed make us learn from our irreconcilable mistakes. As well, medicine taught us that the human body would fight against the right “diseases” when given the right medication, or treatment.

Well folks, being indifferent could sometimes alleviate one’s worries, but I think what the world needs to  keep in mind when attaining “development” is to get in touch with what it means to be human — to be more personalized. We all have different needs, be it at a minute or macro level. We cannot always get what we want, but at least there might be some hope to attaining justice  and getting the right “treatment” (no matter how cold it sounds) at different levels. It’s a matter of balance, as Aristotle once said.

In the end, we may just need to stop, and reflect what it means to be human, and then, maybe and hopefully, we’d understand more the next time around, what we need to do for ourselves, and for others. It’s not easy to “be personal” but maybe it could be the next step to improving the welfare of everyone.


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