Checkmate… Almost

It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money

-Albert Camus

Money is not the answer to everything, but it also embodies the means of exchanging goods, as any person who took Economics 101 should know. Would you possibly think that scientists like us don’t worry at all, on how to pay for our basic daily expenditures? And how would you feel if your country (such as some in the European Union) or maybe an unspecified country that has not been in the limelight, would be under a crisis?

Re-positioning oneself while being vigilant of things other than money as a key to survival, could be a means to cope. This means acceptance of one’s fate when held under the dependence on the national government. As much as national expenditures could help alleviate the welfare of the people, it’s not the only answer. I may not know much on what economic school of thought each country follows with regards handling the crisis, macroeconomics is not the only basis.

We scientists, no matter which nationality we have, also worry, not only for our countries, but also for our future. I truly believe that if we don’t move a step further rather than depending on the state, it would come to a point that science stops developing and would just be succumbed to a superior level’s “personal interest”.

As much as we want to work passionately and live simply, let’s also try to be pragmatic as much as possible. If we do not think ahead and advance two steps further, who knows what could be waiting for us in the near future. We could be martyrs or act like hungry poets for choosing such profession, but we must know when to start thinking of ourselves and jump up a notch.


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