Being abroad not as a mere “status quo”

Some people tell me that I am lucky to start my life abroad. What does it really mean to “live abroad”? Of course, I can’t thank enough the people back in my country who have helped me reach this point of my life wherein I need to prove my existence. This is just a starting point of an entirely whole new experience — being able to argue and work like a scientist, except I am doing it abroad. 

I have already finished my mandatory theoretical classes for Masters. In a few weeks, I will be taking exams, and a few months, start working as an intern. Looking back those months of struggling to understand organic synthesis, radiation, and so on, I am proud to say that I’ve learned something despite my lack of proficiency on some subjects. 

But going back to the topic of being abroad, one cannot fail to lose contact to his or her own country, which in my case is the Philippines. As much as I try to monitor the news, the feeling of grasping one’s language by being able to talk Filipino, or being able to express freely as Filipinos don’t mean so much here. The best one could do is to be able to show that Filipinos exist, and not struggle so much on creating a solely desired Filipino identity – a crisis still much debated to date. In my case, I’d have to prove my existence as a Filipino scientist. 

Everyone makes sacrifices and I know since decades past that Filipinos love to that. Aside from Filipinos, I also know other people from different countries who’d do it without much thought,  and I appreciate them for that. Passion seems to burn their souls and I respect that, but juggling responsibilities, or priorities, along this burning flame, could sometimes complicate things.  Sometimes, distance could change one’s attitude on life, and at this point, I already have.

Maturity is reached by almost everyone that he or she will willingly fight for certain things, no matter how far it could be reached. But sometimes, to believe and keep that passion from subsiding would be the greatest challenge anyone would ever face. I guess being outside one’s comfort zone (i.e. being abroad), proves to be a a far-fetched but more rewarding feeling when trying to do so. 


Nakikitid o dumidilim man ang magiging daan, kailangan nating maging mapagkumbaba at alalahanin ang ating mga pinaghuhugutan ng ating pagkatao, at kung ano ang pinagtataya nating lahat.


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