Doing Science is Not a Rat Race

Science as biased as I may sound, is not something to be put aside. Not especially when it is a key point to innovation. Majority of the present generation praise the magic of capitalism and entrepreneurship. While journalists report on the Euro crisis and the different political and economic wars going around the globe, here are us, the future scientists, worrying about our futures, while some present researchers try to find ways to support their families.

Present times tell us not to wait. We all want results fast as preceded by the technological advancements. The more investment on science, the more patient one has to be to wait for good or excellent results. Not every experiment is perfect. Everything takes time. This is actual results and not just based on the books. With just one bogus, everything falls apart, just as how operations take place. Domino is the best way to describe a scientific research most especially when it is a pioneer.

It is quite funny though that we run after people giving out the funds. We go to the big government agencies or to private companies who think science is a business. Yes, money is one of the key elements in our world today but I clearly do not believe that it is the answer to every one’s basic needs. It is just a form of trading. I’ve studied the economics behind it. I do not totally hate but the reality that the scientists are facing is tearing me apart. All the while we thought doing science is one of the best options the world has to offer. In reality, it’s the other way around – we usually end up being the martyrs of society, worse than being a janitor, a waitress, etc. Why does anyone want to hear about our results when we do not directly benefit to the society? Why invest on us when we cannot give a direct answer to investors?

Doing science takes time and in my opinion, the world or maybe its train of thought today is starting to tear apart its essence.


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