Some Art of Getting By

So, I’ve recently watched a movie entitled “The Art of Getting By” (2011) starring outgrown child actor and actress Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts. Mind you, this is not even a review to begin with but just something related to the movie I recently watched to keep my mind sane from all the course work we’ve been doing.

Getting by.

It means a lot of things to anyone. Some may define it as a way of surviving or struggling. Others say it means preserving sanity whilst still on earth. That’s what life is – something we have to look forward to, I guess. 

Some of us need not want to breathe, thinking even about the slightest problems or issues we face. The mind is usually weak and tired despite the many conditions of the body. Then here I am typing and crossing my fingers that I’d make a sensible entry despite my mental condition. My mind has been pushed to the limits nowadays to come up with an intelligent phrase despite the sadistic schedule. Then I often tend to ask the question (as what other people would do), “What’s the secret to keeping up with the industrial pace the world wants us to follow?” 

“Just get by. That’s all.” with the perfect nudge and grin as novels or movies would portray. 

As much as we want to follow a recipe on how to motivate ourselves, there’s not even a cookbook for us to  show us the way. It all boils down to the individual, to the person. At the end of the day, what one needs to remember is not “the art of getting by”. Instead, think of “some art of getting by.” For sure, who knows how soon, any one of us will get it, not as perfect as expected, but somehow, at least we know at the end of the day, or the century, that we were able to get by without regretting a single thing we did. 

After all, the movie just showed us a small glimpse of how one gets by. There are tons of other ways to get by. You just need to find it along the way, just as how I will… pretty soon, I hope.



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