What Does One See In a Problem?

When I see a problem, I try to imagine it as a map with gates and loopholes. I try to gain access to it and hope to succeed. As easy as it sounds, those types of problems don’t come out often in reality than it is in the physics worksheets I see. As much as I want logic and rationality to be the keys to any problem’s success, they really aren’t most especially when you are at the point wherein you’re also helpless in sorting out your friend’s problems.

Hope and irrationality (though I cannot seem to define it) could be the next options in creating solutions. If a problem seems to be out of your league, just accept it I guess. Sometimes, as much as I want to think of possible ways to attack it, I can’t seem to find one. Other times, I thought that my previous ideas were not enough then again maybe I’ve exhausted everything I could think of.

Some or maybe all of us were trained to solve problems whether it be a physical one or not. We comfort people when they have problems too. Then again, how do we dissect the problem to parts that are feasible for the human mind to solve when they are placed back to one humongous block of obstacle in one’s life? Particles or systems, a problem is still a problem and as much as we want to make one definite or finite,  maybe one really can’t. It’s not that we should be hopeless or anything but we might as well have to accept the truth and hope in the metaphysical sense discussed by Gabriel Marcel.

Rationality may play a part in making lives easier but as time passes, it could be the one thing that could eat our sanity and happiness. As much as we train ourselves to be the docile bodies of society through structures and what not which do involve rationality (I guess), I don’t think they’d mean anything. At the end of it all, I think that despite counting the seemingly hopeless innumerable efforts we have placed into solving large nuisances of our lives, we’d still have to owe it all to Him.

Then again, what do you think of when you see a problem?

At the end of it all, as much as I want to be the logical person in a situation, it all boils down to challenging your faith and belief. Ito naman ang pinagtayaan natin, hindi ba?


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