Patuloy lang

This is the typical line said in our organization, ain’t I right?

I’ve been a member of this organization for only two years but I already felt at home after my first prayer. I had already made a post on goodbyes and all that but I just had to post this for you guys because you’ve all become a significant part of my life. You guys expect that I would cry over these things but I don’t think that I’d really be.  For those two years, these are the things that I will greatly miss – the company, the areas, the social awareness gigs, and the challenges of being an inducted member.

The Company

Thank you everyone for the small talks within and outside the org room. All these moments of being together will be sorely missed most especially those sleepless days and nights we’ve shared. Park 7, I may not have went to a lot of our prayer sessions but I’ve always been proud of you guys when you guys share about yourselves while linking them to the designated scriptures. To the others, you’ve never fail to let me smile despite the anxieties in life.  I couldn’t stress enough how you’ve all mold me into a better person.

The Areas

Thank you for always letting me remember to look back at my grassroots. Thank you also showing me what love is. You’ve done a great deal of changing my stoic indifferent ways on treating people and most especially the kids. You’ve taught me that amidst the despair, hope is still around the corner and one smile is all you need to do that.

The Social Awareness Gigs

Thank you for the experiences and the meetings we had. You’ve shown me that faith and social awareness could be intertwined. You’ve taught me what social justice is in and out of the campus. You’ve done a great deal in enlightening me on the situations faced by our country as well as the world. For sure I won’t be able to attend as much prayer rallies as before after graduating. You’ve made me real proud to be a part of it.

The Challenges of being an Inducted Member

Maybe not really challenges because we’ve had challenges before and after induction. To my fellow inductees, thank you. To my batchmates, thank you for the long IC’s, the tears, the laughters, and all that. I think you guys are my closest bunch of friends I’ve had inside and outside the organization.You guys have come a long way on getting your faith challenged and strengthened, and so was I. As for the other batches, thank you for your unwaivering faith to do greater things. In short, cheers to us for the better years to come!

But why the title? Our organization has come to appreciate it because you can finish beautiful lines with it. One of them would be ‘Patuloy lang…’ because life does not end it AtSCA or in college. You’ve been my second family and served as my second home. I guess I just have to move on and go beyond borders. Life is a playing field and being an AtSCAn and an inducted member does not end with a Pull-out. Here’s to the future challenges that will shake our roots and faith!

Again, thank you!


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