Hopes and Goodbyes

I don’t want to say that I regret anything because Ateneo has taught me well. I hope however that I will not forget my grassroots and principles in life. Though reality could be a fuss, I find it as a greater challenge. Doors will really be opened for me this time as I graduate. What lies on the other side? More choices, decisions, and problems. Then again that’s life.

What I’ll miss? It’s not really the Ateneo environment but I guess I am still trying to outgrow the feeling of attachment to my friends near and most especially far. Through thick or thin, I knew I was getting wiser. Organizations? I may miss it but I know that all the organizations are in good hands this year. Thank you for treating me as one of your own and believing on me.

It’s sad that time flies so fast but we all have to move on. The art of letting go has sinked in on me for the most part this school year. I did not know much people but I’ve developed deeper friendships with others. It’s sad that one year is not enough to let us get to know one another but cheers for the following years to come. Why? Because this is where friendships are tested.

Before today, we’ve said our parts on committing to the Lord and whatnots. Tomorrow? It’s another typical day so are the following days to come. More challenges are set in front of us whether we like it or not and we should never fail to remember the commitments and responsibilities we have.

So here’s to goodbyes and new beginnings. Another to hopes and aspirations to let our paths meet once again in the near future.  Distance won’t break our connection nor friendship. In the end of it all, I’d rather smile for what has been and what will be than make a frown about it.

To my blockmates, you’ve done justice to our course and made my academic life more exciting

To AtSCA, you’ve shown me how to be open and love once again

To LeaPs for being present in my 5 years stay in the Ateneo

To Assembly for proving to me that I do not need to be a Political Science major to enjoy your company

To my mentors for guiding me in every step of the way. I just hope that I won’t let you guys down after graduation.

To a selected number of friends ( you know who you are) for letting me believe once again that there are things such as love, friendship, and commitment.

Thank you and a toast to that, shall we? 🙂


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