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Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change (via GIS and Science)

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A fascinating read!

Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change First global map suggests climate change will have greatest impact 
on the populations least responsible for causing the problem Researchers already study how various species of plants and animals migrate in response to climate change. Now, Jason Samson, a PhD candidate in McGill University’s Department of Natural Resource Sciences, has taken the innovative step of using the same analytic tools to measure the impact of climate change on human pop … Read More

via GIS and Science


A Reaction Regarding the New JGSOM Course

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Presenting the new course to be launched by our very own John Gokungwei School of Management:




It’s been more than fifteen years since JGSOM launched its last program BS MAC, an innovative program that combines Chemistry and Management.  JGSOM is now poised to launch another innovative program: I.T. Entrepreneurship (ITE).  If you’d like to know more about this program, there will be a talk

BS MGT major in ITE TALK

March 14, 2011


SOM 103

What is ITE?

With the rapid advancement and sweeping changes in the fields of information and communications technology, the B.S. Management, major in Information Technology Entrepreneurship program is designed to create a structured and vibrant environment for young, aspiring entrepreneurs who are bold enough to set up their own information technology company. The program has a strong enough information technology base to enable students to appreciate what is possible with current technology and to come up and develop working prototypes of new product ideas.  It also has an overlay of business courses that will give students an appreciation of the challenges of business, and an eye to spot market opportunities, so that the products they come up with are not just technically feasible, but economically feasible and commercially viable as well.  Integrated into the program is a set of entrepreneurship courses that will guide the students as they turn their business plans into businesses with going concerns.

It’s a fact that majority of Business Process Outsourcing Activities are based on call centers. BPO, as defined by the National Statistics Office, is the leveraging of technology or specialist process vendors to provide and manage an organization’s critical and/or non-critical enterprise processes and applications.  According to one of the studies presented by the NSO, our economy has become dependent on either manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and real estate, renting and business activities. When we mean by business activities, that includes BPO.

A university such as the Ateneo have always created pathways in addressing such problems. For the School of Management, it should supposedly create social entrepreneurs or management leaders geared towards social responsibility at the very least. This course should supposedly create pioneers in the IT industry – a sector that has been dominating our country. It should initiate people to follow India’s way of climbing to the top. But by adding a course like this would raise certain issues. I will be using my present knowledge on Neoclassical Economics as a start-off point in raising the following arguments.

Technology improves the GDP of a country. It shapes the local businesses, exports, and practically everything in general thereby making it economically productive as we speak. It’s been dominating outside the airwaves and brainwashing the youth for generations that it practically controls our mindsets every so often. Aside from thinking about the word, technology, the government officials as well as the leaders in other sectors have to worry about employment. Just like any other developing country, we lack the technology as well as the employment to boost the development freedom or living situation of the people. Time immemorial this model has been a basis on emphasizing innovation on technology to pursue growth. In this country, it seems that we specifically have too much interest on Information Technology ever since the Internet Boom. Because of Facebook or Google likewise other social networking or information technology businesses, their company stories never fail to inspire great young minds in creating businesses similar to theirs.

First of all, you cannot enforce a person to be innovative by creating that kind of course. You cannot expect or necessarily foresee graduates of such courses to reconcile the beliefs of working under international BPO or IT companies and create new ones. I cannot say for sure that the paths Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg took were completely effective but I largely believe that it should be the initiative of the person and not the course which would mitigate the present employment, growth, and development problems faced by our country. If there is a need to take massive action such as creating this course, the problem does not lie in the lacking such course but on the misaligned objectives, missions, etc. met by the existing similar courses such as BS Management major in Communication Technology Management or BS Management Information Systems according to present needs and times.

Second, anyone can create businesses at their own rights. You don’t actually need to be a Management student to do that though the advantages of the JGSOM students are being able to learn the ins and outs of making or handling a business. That’s all. If one wants to push for greater scheme of things like expanding the business, leaders with different specialties could do so through active or dynamic cooperation or participation. Am I not right? In the world today, I don’t think a large company won’t survive if only one person handles all the company’s function. Instead of creating the said course, a Computer Science Major/Management Information Systems Major could tag along Management friends of the sort.

My third point, if this were to be a new course offered by the School of Management, this must be, as similar to the BS Management major in Applied Chemistry, a mash-up of IT-related subjects along with Management subjects. Based on this assumption, it is presumed that the knowledge on IT is half-baked. Sure, Steve Jobs and the rest were able to do that but one cannot say that their life story could be others’ success life stories. Information Technology is an art and even a science at one point. Not that I am saying that Management is not the way to go but I don’t think that creating this course is deemed necessary unless there is a marked failure on other courses’ part or even the university’s part on pushing the youth to create IT companies for the country’s and the people’s development. BS Management major in Communication Technology Management/BS Management Information Science is already enough don’t you think?

Social entrepreneurship – no one has to teach you that by the books. You’d have to immerse on it to believe. Anypne could actually make a business and one don’t need a specific degree to do that. Then again, it is very dim-witted for the JGSOM to create a course based on a trend and notion of being able to fix things by creating this new course. Information Technology is just one of the many solutions that could expand our economy and such and creating a course that explicitly says entrepreneurship does not solve our present problem of creating more workers under multinational companies.

If they really want to improve the country’s development status, why can’t they just review the present courses and do something about them? It’s not the lack of a course or an imbalanced structure of things we are facing here. It’s about the need to reshape our goals, missions, visions, character and such and push for an actual development through self-participation and cooperation.

The Punk Rock Girl I Will Miss

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Ten minutes before you board the airplane… or even less because I am still typing this post.

I just want to say thank you

to a girl who I just met for over a year

to the person who can relate with me 90% of the time including opinions and music

to the only college friend who would speak with me comfortably in Chinese

to the awesome girl who drives like a man but with suave

to the Antipolo girl who would take me to spontaneous trips

to the friend that I will be missing a whole lot

I only cried like this for 4 times in my life…

and this is included.

Patricia “Trixia” Wong, now that you’re going to the other end of the world (or another timezone), you will be forever missed. 😥

Wala na akong kasandal pag nag-uusap

Wala na rin akong kasamang magmumura sa iba’t ibang bagay

Ok I will stop because I am already crying.

Patuloy lang

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This is the typical line said in our organization, ain’t I right?

I’ve been a member of this organization for only two years but I already felt at home after my first prayer. I had already made a post on goodbyes and all that but I just had to post this for you guys because you’ve all become a significant part of my life. You guys expect that I would cry over these things but I don’t think that I’d really be.  For those two years, these are the things that I will greatly miss – the company, the areas, the social awareness gigs, and the challenges of being an inducted member.

The Company

Thank you everyone for the small talks within and outside the org room. All these moments of being together will be sorely missed most especially those sleepless days and nights we’ve shared. Park 7, I may not have went to a lot of our prayer sessions but I’ve always been proud of you guys when you guys share about yourselves while linking them to the designated scriptures. To the others, you’ve never fail to let me smile despite the anxieties in life.  I couldn’t stress enough how you’ve all mold me into a better person.

The Areas

Thank you for always letting me remember to look back at my grassroots. Thank you also showing me what love is. You’ve done a great deal of changing my stoic indifferent ways on treating people and most especially the kids. You’ve taught me that amidst the despair, hope is still around the corner and one smile is all you need to do that.

The Social Awareness Gigs

Thank you for the experiences and the meetings we had. You’ve shown me that faith and social awareness could be intertwined. You’ve taught me what social justice is in and out of the campus. You’ve done a great deal in enlightening me on the situations faced by our country as well as the world. For sure I won’t be able to attend as much prayer rallies as before after graduating. You’ve made me real proud to be a part of it.

The Challenges of being an Inducted Member

Maybe not really challenges because we’ve had challenges before and after induction. To my fellow inductees, thank you. To my batchmates, thank you for the long IC’s, the tears, the laughters, and all that. I think you guys are my closest bunch of friends I’ve had inside and outside the organization.You guys have come a long way on getting your faith challenged and strengthened, and so was I. As for the other batches, thank you for your unwaivering faith to do greater things. In short, cheers to us for the better years to come!

But why the title? Our organization has come to appreciate it because you can finish beautiful lines with it. One of them would be ‘Patuloy lang…’ because life does not end it AtSCA or in college. You’ve been my second family and served as my second home. I guess I just have to move on and go beyond borders. Life is a playing field and being an AtSCAn and an inducted member does not end with a Pull-out. Here’s to the future challenges that will shake our roots and faith!

Again, thank you!

Hopes and Goodbyes

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I don’t want to say that I regret anything because Ateneo has taught me well. I hope however that I will not forget my grassroots and principles in life. Though reality could be a fuss, I find it as a greater challenge. Doors will really be opened for me this time as I graduate. What lies on the other side? More choices, decisions, and problems. Then again that’s life.

What I’ll miss? It’s not really the Ateneo environment but I guess I am still trying to outgrow the feeling of attachment to my friends near and most especially far. Through thick or thin, I knew I was getting wiser. Organizations? I may miss it but I know that all the organizations are in good hands this year. Thank you for treating me as one of your own and believing on me.

It’s sad that time flies so fast but we all have to move on. The art of letting go has sinked in on me for the most part this school year. I did not know much people but I’ve developed deeper friendships with others. It’s sad that one year is not enough to let us get to know one another but cheers for the following years to come. Why? Because this is where friendships are tested.

Before today, we’ve said our parts on committing to the Lord and whatnots. Tomorrow? It’s another typical day so are the following days to come. More challenges are set in front of us whether we like it or not and we should never fail to remember the commitments and responsibilities we have.

So here’s to goodbyes and new beginnings. Another to hopes and aspirations to let our paths meet once again in the near future.  Distance won’t break our connection nor friendship. In the end of it all, I’d rather smile for what has been and what will be than make a frown about it.

To my blockmates, you’ve done justice to our course and made my academic life more exciting

To AtSCA, you’ve shown me how to be open and love once again

To LeaPs for being present in my 5 years stay in the Ateneo

To Assembly for proving to me that I do not need to be a Political Science major to enjoy your company

To my mentors for guiding me in every step of the way. I just hope that I won’t let you guys down after graduation.

To a selected number of friends ( you know who you are) for letting me believe once again that there are things such as love, friendship, and commitment.

Thank you and a toast to that, shall we? 🙂