Critique on DOST’s Future Plans Part I

Yesterday, the School of Science and Engineering presented a talk of Secretary Mario G. Montejo, one of the supposedly most outstanding engineers in our country. He bragged himself of his successes in the field of technopreneurship and was chosen by our Excellency, Benigno Aquino III, to be the current administration's DOST Secretary in a span... Continue Reading →


It Does Not End Here

Almost a year ago, there was that feeling of anxiety and hopefulness wrapped into one. A few hours ago, I was in that same room again, vowing my pledge and life to the Lord. Right now, I cannot help smiling the challenges that I am about to face this year and the years to come.... Continue Reading →

How to Run It, How to Run Us

For over four years, I’ve had my fair shares of appreciation and disappointments while I was both a participant and a spectator of the Sanggunian’s actions. There were also those expectations which became disillusionments when one can’t bring out the utopia out of the community. Our perception of reaching out to the people in our... Continue Reading →

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