Land, Stocks, and Barrels

The title sounds like a movie. But as one would look at our past, it does look like a “teleserye” that has rewinds in each generation.

Lands and Stocks.

That’s the present key issue of the Hacienda Luisita. Why stocks? There aren’t much land to give to every single farmer in the hacienda. Would they know how to handle these stocks? We wouldn’t really know. Stocks is as risky as handling a land too or maybe even riskier.

Farming has been one of the main contenders in our Philippine History so is fighting over land. Land represented power. It also represented struggle, blood, sweat and tears. Generations have passed and it seems that it will always be one of our key issues here in our country.

We value land like there is no tomorrow as well as promoting it to the foreign investors. The other flip of the coin would be this – abusing the land as if they represented real power. Power and self-esteem are connected but not entirely. We cannot assume the direct connection between the two that the more power you have, you should be proud of your gains. The sad thing about power is that it becomes a materialistic gain.

People wield land as if it’s like money – being unlimited. Sure, we have money in our banks but most of our money are already up there in that cloud of pure knowledge. Yes, our money cannot be seen at the palm of our hands but in our computers and gadgets saying we have transacted a part of our savings to different investments.

I just don’t get the logic behind the Hacienda Luisita issue – they gave out stocks because they ran out of land for the other farmers. Farming is not an option in our country. We have fresh and fertile land across the country. We need to produce food for our country men besides the other need of improving the R and D of agriculture.


Tycoons have barrels of cash underneath their thick coats. They built tons of buildings and businesses all over the country. They spread their share of their stocks and barrels to the people but instead of letting these people get more ” jobs, they are marginalizing them more. IT, retail, estate and the such to name a few. We need to create stand-alone businesses.  We need to establish ourselves as an independent country setting aside globalization. Majority of us should be able to sustain ourselves and expand our horizons and not become underlings of a few.

Individuality is what favors our present personalities as Filipinos. We think of our needs first because in the first place, majority do not have a stable future. Jobs are not established as firm foundations of the society. People find food, shelter, etc. Tycoons continue to build condominiums thinking that a lot of people would actually buy them and that they are able to solve the illegal settling problem. They expand and not give way to others. Roads have to be built in these lands and become evidences of our country’s progress. The more we built for what the few think as important, the more we lose lands for the people who need them the most and to be able to find a place of security.

Security? We are losing it. Let’s not continue to lose ourselves amidst these four walls as well (if there really is one in every home).


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