Inertia and the Political Drive within the LS grounds

Politically indifferent – that is what other people think of the students in our school. We try to market as well as reinforce political awareness to the student body. We force students to attend symposium on our system, Miting de Avance, etc. May I emphasize on the word, FORCE.

Bland ideologies – that was also an issue in the past. I admit that I was part of two parties that had good visions but there was really no ideology emphasized on both during that time. I was also lost in the pool of political ideologies when I was a freshman. I wanted to engage myself in the political arena but did not have the right weapons and tools to do so. Democracy was a broad term and it’s a good thing that I had found a political stand this time around.

Many of the students have different needs. This could be materialistic, financial, and other needs. They come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve been a college student for five years. I’ve seen how political bodies morph through time. But I have not seen that much change in the students’ political involvement. We are categorized by other schools and universities as those who do not need to listen to the heed of the government unless it disrupts the stable lives of the students’ families.

National elections just ended and I’ve seen the manifestation of political involvement in our campus. Last Friday, there was supposedly a Miting de Avance for the upcoming Special and Freshmen Elections. Lo and behold, the attendance was pretty low. It did not even cover a fourth of the student body.

The diversity of political bodies has increased. There are real ideologies. Still, people do not seem to care much and listen to these candidates. I admit that I wasn’t there to attend this year but I have attended Miting de Avances ever since first year. I think that there may be extremes when it comes to making a platform this time around but there were real candidates. We just need to open ourselves and listen. Listen and be involved. That’s what matters. It is that simple.

As simple as it sounds, it is hard to push students to show their participation. We should not force them. This is not another inertia problem that there must be an external force that should drive them to vote or to attend a talk on anything political, social and the such. They should not do it for the grades. They should do it for themselves.

Our students are known to be indifferent despite the active participation of the Jesuit body. Participation does not start from other people but ourselves. We should not wait for something bad to happen to us to be involved. Maybe some are already satisfied with what they have or have other mind-sets in college but we should not let our numb asses become dead stars in this universe. Man is a political being. Without politics, there’d be more chaos in the world today. Being active starts from within.


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