Hacienda Luisita: Ironic Medley of Land-based War in the Philippines

This is the funny thing that’s been happening to our society. We try to avoid large wars (despite the instances of creating them for the past few years).  After the Cold War and the Vietnam War, we thought we had enough of wars. But we just had an American-Iran/Iraq War that turned global as well as the other wars in different parts of the globe.

What’s in it with fighting in a war? I just watched the latter part of ”Glory”, a movie on Civil War. The troupe honored in this movie pretty much died and there were no survivors. Majority of us hate the bloodshed happening in front of us (in real life) but really love playing bloody or combat games. Seriously, a lot of the games today involve violence and maybe that’s a way to relieve us of the tensions of revenge or killing someone. We wouldn’t really know. It’s just really ironic that we want peace happening in our world while we secretly stash violent fantasies through the different media and technologies we have. The cool part of stashing is that not a lot of people would know what you hide. A big war is not what we are visualizing but small wars that continuously pop out from one place to another such that a blow-up effect may worsen our shape when dealing with practically, a WAR.

Besides from the bloodshed happening around the globe, let’s take a look at the Philippines and how it was doing in the past. At a local scale, it seems that journalists, activists, lawyers, other media people and even innocent people  die a fast death when revealing truth and justice. The continuing tension we might see in the news today would be the Luisita Hacienda – a land-based war between the Cojuangcos and the farmers living in the land. So what’s really in it to fight for land here in the Philippines? Is this also present in other countries? Maybe. This history can be traced back to our ancestors. But who knows. We may be looking at headlines about Luisita and its farmers but like those small war zones, we do not really get to pay that much attention to it. Why Luisita? It’s close to President Noynoy and what a better and interesting thing to talk about – the continuing headline issue among the farmers struggling for land.

Thus, an awaited sequel to this entry on the Luisita Hacienda issue. Feel free to post anything  on Agrarian Reform and the pursuit of justice on the right of the farmers on the land, etc.


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