The Magic of Popular Trends

It is not the ordinary magic people see – changing colors, invisibility cloaks, iPads and the such. This is no technological wonder.  Clothes, glasses, television shows – they are the popular trends in our every day lives as well as comfort zones of our generation.

What’s that magic? The magic to hide my weakness. I’ve limped for

more than a year. The doctor told me that I can run like before if I just wait for a few months. The sad truth is that my foot is not healing as fast as I expected. It still hurts when I try walking with my slippers. I’ve always wanted to use the cane persona of House M.D. and be a bitch in everything I do. Pain – the physical pain never goes away. My enthusiasm for dance just fainted bit by bit because I just can’t dance with this feet.

Then again, thank goodness for rubber shoes and to whoever invented them. Those rubber shoes saved me from my pain. But I know shoes don’t last forever when I use them all the time just to hide my pain. Thus my increased enthusiasm for different shoes. It’s weird that we use popular trends of our society just to hide our weaknesses. We upgrade ourselves but do we really show what it means to be human.

Just some random thought.


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