Social Responsibility: In the eyes of a scientist

It was ages ago that the world was created not only for us but for other beings as well. We open-handedly took the responsibility of protecting what God has created for us. That was a very long time ago. Then flash forwarding time, I see news on extinction, oil spills, and everything that is slowly telling us that our Earth has become a ditch for our trash.

I do not want to start a lecture on the environment and how important it is to save Mother Earth. We have come to a stage in our Mother Earth’s life that doctors like us should support her lifeline. Sooner or later, she might not even live any longer. Let’s think of it this way, those animals that got extinct? That was a part of Mother Earth. That may be her platelets or her blood cells. Those plants we kill or entered to the hall of extinction? That could be Mother Earth’s nerves or the sort.

At this time, I have to continue studying for my Microeconomics quiz. But the fear of losing our home is killing me too. I do not know if writing this post or note would help but I hope it does. I am just an undergraduate, a hardcore science geek, a political and economist wannabe, and I hope the big people in this world would look down at their feet and listen to a plea that does not only involve me but the entire race or humanity.

Reminiscing one of my classes, my professor emphasized on Innovation. All the while I thought that this would be an interesting class. The title sounded nice. As the class progressed, I don’t just want to report but to reflect from the lectures or reports from my other peers. Sometimes I cannot even stand that what we need to report should be a marketable idea to the public eye. Then I recalled what my professor said.

“Why don’t you guys focus on biomaterials? Aren’t there any Material Science and Engineering students interested in that field? It makes money, no?”

Why can’t science be for science sake?

It’s hard for people to get that phrase. It does not mean a thing to 95% of the friends I have. Yes, it is a fact that people need to earn money and to be able to sell ideas to do so. Money is not the thing that parks the interest within me, a scientist-to-be. If you love the thing you do, the research you focus on, then that is all that matters. Sadly, that doesn’t work all the time.

I really do not know if that notion kicks in when it comes to a simple matter such as the Environment too.

Ateneo’s School of Management emphasized on Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). They emphasize on social entrepreneurship, microfinance and the such. What about us? Some of us may know basic/elaborate science but play it with the palm of our hands, thinking that everything in this world is just another laboratory with new gadgets. Knowing science is like having power, a power as what the Spider-Man quote would say, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Just a while ago, I took a closer look at the canals we had in our street. Instead of seeing clear water or just any fluid, I saw trash. Cups, Styro- containers and all the trash you can imagine, all piled up in the holes of our streets where water is expected to flush through when rain or high tide came.

I would understand if people do not get femtosecond lasers, superconductors and the like but, letting the scientific community being able to market the environmental awareness to such an extent… and still a lot of people not absorbing it? I do not know if it is an innovation class we need. We may be the next leaders in the scientific arena or maybe in the entrepreneurial arena under the science and technology cluster, but we cannot be the only ones given the social responsibility to take care of our home too.

Social responsibility isn’t only for a group of people like enterpreneurs, politicans, scientists, etc. It applies to everyone.


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