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Land, Stocks, and Barrels

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The title sounds like a movie. But as one would look at our past, it does look like a “teleserye” that has rewinds in each generation.

Lands and Stocks.

That’s the present key issue of the Hacienda Luisita. Why stocks? There aren’t much land to give to every single farmer in the hacienda. Would they know how to handle these stocks? We wouldn’t really know. Stocks is as risky as handling a land too or maybe even riskier.

Farming has been one of the main contenders in our Philippine History so is fighting over land. Land represented power. It also represented struggle, blood, sweat and tears. Generations have passed and it seems that it will always be one of our key issues here in our country.

We value land like there is no tomorrow as well as promoting it to the foreign investors. The other flip of the coin would be this – abusing the land as if they represented real power. Power and self-esteem are connected but not entirely. We cannot assume the direct connection between the two that the more power you have, you should be proud of your gains. The sad thing about power is that it becomes a materialistic gain.

People wield land as if it’s like money – being unlimited. Sure, we have money in our banks but most of our money are already up there in that cloud of pure knowledge. Yes, our money cannot be seen at the palm of our hands but in our computers and gadgets saying we have transacted a part of our savings to different investments.

I just don’t get the logic behind the Hacienda Luisita issue – they gave out stocks because they ran out of land for the other farmers. Farming is not an option in our country. We have fresh and fertile land across the country. We need to produce food for our country men besides the other need of improving the R and D of agriculture.


Tycoons have barrels of cash underneath their thick coats. They built tons of buildings and businesses all over the country. They spread their share of their stocks and barrels to the people but instead of letting these people get more ” jobs, they are marginalizing them more. IT, retail, estate and the such to name a few. We need to create stand-alone businesses.  We need to establish ourselves as an independent country setting aside globalization. Majority of us should be able to sustain ourselves and expand our horizons and not become underlings of a few.

Individuality is what favors our present personalities as Filipinos. We think of our needs first because in the first place, majority do not have a stable future. Jobs are not established as firm foundations of the society. People find food, shelter, etc. Tycoons continue to build condominiums thinking that a lot of people would actually buy them and that they are able to solve the illegal settling problem. They expand and not give way to others. Roads have to be built in these lands and become evidences of our country’s progress. The more we built for what the few think as important, the more we lose lands for the people who need them the most and to be able to find a place of security.

Security? We are losing it. Let’s not continue to lose ourselves amidst these four walls as well (if there really is one in every home).


Inertia and the Political Drive within the LS grounds

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Politically indifferent – that is what other people think of the students in our school. We try to market as well as reinforce political awareness to the student body. We force students to attend symposium on our system, Miting de Avance, etc. May I emphasize on the word, FORCE.

Bland ideologies – that was also an issue in the past. I admit that I was part of two parties that had good visions but there was really no ideology emphasized on both during that time. I was also lost in the pool of political ideologies when I was a freshman. I wanted to engage myself in the political arena but did not have the right weapons and tools to do so. Democracy was a broad term and it’s a good thing that I had found a political stand this time around.

Many of the students have different needs. This could be materialistic, financial, and other needs. They come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve been a college student for five years. I’ve seen how political bodies morph through time. But I have not seen that much change in the students’ political involvement. We are categorized by other schools and universities as those who do not need to listen to the heed of the government unless it disrupts the stable lives of the students’ families.

National elections just ended and I’ve seen the manifestation of political involvement in our campus. Last Friday, there was supposedly a Miting de Avance for the upcoming Special and Freshmen Elections. Lo and behold, the attendance was pretty low. It did not even cover a fourth of the student body.

The diversity of political bodies has increased. There are real ideologies. Still, people do not seem to care much and listen to these candidates. I admit that I wasn’t there to attend this year but I have attended Miting de Avances ever since first year. I think that there may be extremes when it comes to making a platform this time around but there were real candidates. We just need to open ourselves and listen. Listen and be involved. That’s what matters. It is that simple.

As simple as it sounds, it is hard to push students to show their participation. We should not force them. This is not another inertia problem that there must be an external force that should drive them to vote or to attend a talk on anything political, social and the such. They should not do it for the grades. They should do it for themselves.

Our students are known to be indifferent despite the active participation of the Jesuit body. Participation does not start from other people but ourselves. We should not wait for something bad to happen to us to be involved. Maybe some are already satisfied with what they have or have other mind-sets in college but we should not let our numb asses become dead stars in this universe. Man is a political being. Without politics, there’d be more chaos in the world today. Being active starts from within.

Hacienda Luisita: Ironic Medley of Land-based War in the Philippines

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This is the funny thing that’s been happening to our society. We try to avoid large wars (despite the instances of creating them for the past few years).  After the Cold War and the Vietnam War, we thought we had enough of wars. But we just had an American-Iran/Iraq War that turned global as well as the other wars in different parts of the globe.

What’s in it with fighting in a war? I just watched the latter part of ”Glory”, a movie on Civil War. The troupe honored in this movie pretty much died and there were no survivors. Majority of us hate the bloodshed happening in front of us (in real life) but really love playing bloody or combat games. Seriously, a lot of the games today involve violence and maybe that’s a way to relieve us of the tensions of revenge or killing someone. We wouldn’t really know. It’s just really ironic that we want peace happening in our world while we secretly stash violent fantasies through the different media and technologies we have. The cool part of stashing is that not a lot of people would know what you hide. A big war is not what we are visualizing but small wars that continuously pop out from one place to another such that a blow-up effect may worsen our shape when dealing with practically, a WAR.

Besides from the bloodshed happening around the globe, let’s take a look at the Philippines and how it was doing in the past. At a local scale, it seems that journalists, activists, lawyers, other media people and even innocent people  die a fast death when revealing truth and justice. The continuing tension we might see in the news today would be the Luisita Hacienda – a land-based war between the Cojuangcos and the farmers living in the land. So what’s really in it to fight for land here in the Philippines? Is this also present in other countries? Maybe. This history can be traced back to our ancestors. But who knows. We may be looking at headlines about Luisita and its farmers but like those small war zones, we do not really get to pay that much attention to it. Why Luisita? It’s close to President Noynoy and what a better and interesting thing to talk about – the continuing headline issue among the farmers struggling for land.

Thus, an awaited sequel to this entry on the Luisita Hacienda issue. Feel free to post anything  on Agrarian Reform and the pursuit of justice on the right of the farmers on the land, etc.

Popular Demand, Densities and Gaussian distributions

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The title seems too crazy and nerdy. But we need to properly attend to this crisis. This is no environmental nor population crisis. Our population is doing fine and I do not blame for our booming birth rate for making us poorer. What our population does is it is expanding our distribution curve. I have no idea what statisticians do so correct me if I am wrong with what I will be saying in the following paragraphs.

As the distribution expands, one has to look at the population distribution at a geographical scale as well. From here, we would see how many people are living in the different districts or areas in our country. The next step would be to see the popular demands of the people most especially on the jobs. I am not focusing on income because it is not the primary issue. Jobs, jobs, jobs – they are too narrow in terms of demand and besides from that, a lot of people are getting them just to compete for their own ‘financial stability’ and not of the country’s. Why? Most of us think of our own personal interest and drives. These motivations do not stem from ourselves alone but maybe on popular demands and each person’s socioeconomic situations. Individuality is more prominent basing from the jobs that people are taking. But I guess I am wrong. Yes, people want to ‘help the economy’ by being oversea workers, but you see we do not really need a lot of them. We do not need a lot of politicians, lawyers, doctors, etc. These professions are overrated and too saturated. If you really want to be one of those, you need to know that you are making the right decisions that comes down deep within your soul and with you saying, it is really meant to be and I will die if I don’t get it.

Our future careers depend on situated freedoms. Freedoms not entirely free nor entirely controlled. But sometimes, we get washed away by the two extremes that we end up choosing which will be the popular demand of our society.

What we need to build is a nation. A person cannot do everything to save the country. He or she cannot be the superhero. Every person’s lifetime is as limited as an expiry date of a container or a food. We do not last forever but nor our world. We all have ticking atomic bombs. But I guess we need to make the most of not concentrating on our materialistic benefit but also for something greater.

We complain of dirty water, faulty weather forecasts, lousy agrarian reforms, etc. That’s what we do best. Then we go on our separate lives and think that what we give to our country’s GDP would suffice in developing our country and its people. We think we can uplift our fellow brothers and sisters from the ground.

Densities. They are not limited to the sciences but also in solving our problem in nation building and progress. Our career paths are too narrow that specialization decreases. Besides from that, many of us are the typical jack of all trades, thus more reasons of people complaining on low-income or other people not being able to solve some of the country’s problem.

Our population gives us an edge on helping not only our economic progress but also the developmental progress and needs of every one in our country. There are too much IT’s, managers, etc. We focus too much on service that majority of our jobs are practically serving other countries instead of ourselves.

Faulty forecast? We need more meteorologists and atmospheric professionals! Faulty water system? We need more environmental and marine experts. We had experts but they left the country for good because they were not taken seriously by the people and the government.

We need to increase specialization with the thought of making these properly distributed. Our problem today is supersaturation of specific jobs as well as lacking specifications to other people (maybe due to the lacking privileges to attain one).  Do not focus on dishing out money and paying taxes to our system. Focus on serving the different needs of our country too. Maybe in that way, we can step by step solve our problems but I would not really know that it can. Let’s just hope it does.

The Magic of Popular Trends

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It is not the ordinary magic people see – changing colors, invisibility cloaks, iPads and the such. This is no technological wonder.  Clothes, glasses, television shows – they are the popular trends in our every day lives as well as comfort zones of our generation.

What’s that magic? The magic to hide my weakness. I’ve limped for

more than a year. The doctor told me that I can run like before if I just wait for a few months. The sad truth is that my foot is not healing as fast as I expected. It still hurts when I try walking with my slippers. I’ve always wanted to use the cane persona of House M.D. and be a bitch in everything I do. Pain – the physical pain never goes away. My enthusiasm for dance just fainted bit by bit because I just can’t dance with this feet.

Then again, thank goodness for rubber shoes and to whoever invented them. Those rubber shoes saved me from my pain. But I know shoes don’t last forever when I use them all the time just to hide my pain. Thus my increased enthusiasm for different shoes. It’s weird that we use popular trends of our society just to hide our weaknesses. We upgrade ourselves but do we really show what it means to be human.

Just some random thought.

The Fear

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Besides from fearing death, I fear for my future. It sounds funny but I am scared of what lies ahead and what I will be. I do not want to forget my roots as well as my foundations as a person. I cannot fathom myself to be the tycoon others dream of. I cannot fathom myself to get more boring as I get old. In short, I just can’t imagine myself transforming myself to someone I barely know.

Here I am typing and looking at Manuel Quezon’s face in the twenty peso bill. I need to outlive and outrun people but that sounds to egoistic. Just a few more months, I may end up either in the work force or taking up further studies. It just kills me that sometimes time moves so fast – that dreams tend to cut short.

I never dreamed of this when I was a kid – to take up this course. What seemed boring to me back then became interesting now – analyzing and fussing over things unimaginable to many. All I dreamed of back then was to be an artist, a writer, an engineer or a doctor – the typical fancies of a kid. I had no idea what physics does but I fell in love with it along with the other interests I am holding on to. It just kills me that whenever I hear my schoolmates becoming doctors, business or society’s next leaders, and I am stuck here in this wormhole not really sure that the path I am choosing will either lift me up or destroy my soul.

Fear. It is something that makes you weaker and stronger at the same time. It sounds ironic but it is true. You do not stop there and then with the word, FEAR in front of you. You move on. Move on, but with your head up high and at the same time, never forgetting your past.

It’s been twenty or so years, but I still have lots of things to learn. My age does sound old but here’s to more years of unconventional schooling – of my purpose in life and the odds in it.

Jim Manzi’s Sensitive Dependence on Initial Observations (via  Modeled Behavior)

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exactly my point.

Jim Manzi’s Sensitive Dependence on Initial Observations Jim Manzi says that unlike physics, social science can’t make any useful, non-obvious predications. Which is funny because I can tell you straight away what will happen to equity markets in response to major policy announcements like changes in interest rate targets and the failure of TARP to pass its first vote. Something, that didn’t appear obvious to the Congressmen who suddenly reversed course after the biggest single day loss in Dow history. … Read More

via  Modeled Behavior