Land, Stocks, and Barrels

The title sounds like a movie. But as one would look at our past, it does look like a "teleserye" that has rewinds in each generation. Lands and Stocks. That's the present key issue of the Hacienda Luisita. Why stocks? There aren't much land to give to every single farmer in the hacienda. Would they... Continue Reading →


Inertia and the Political Drive within the LS grounds

Politically indifferent - that is what other people think of the students in our school. We try to market as well as reinforce political awareness to the student body. We force students to attend symposium on our system, Miting de Avance, etc. May I emphasize on the word, FORCE. Bland ideologies - that was also... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Popular Trends

It is not the ordinary magic people see - changing colors, invisibility cloaks, iPads and the such. This is no technological wonder.  Clothes, glasses, television shows - they are the popular trends in our every day lives as well as comfort zones of our generation. What's that magic? The magic to hide my weakness. I've... Continue Reading →

The Fear

Besides from fearing death, I fear for my future. It sounds funny but I am scared of what lies ahead and what I will be. I do not want to forget my roots as well as my foundations as a person. I cannot fathom myself to be the tycoon others dream of. I cannot fathom myself to get more boring as I get old. In short, I just can't imagine myself transforming myself to someone I barely know.

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